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{Review} DARK HALLOWS: 10 Halloween Haunts, edited by Mark Parker

{Review} DARK HALLOWS:  10 Halloween Haunts, edited by Mark ParkerDARK HALLOWS: 10 Halloween Haunts Published by Scarlet Galleon Publications LLC on October 14, 2015
Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Psychological Horror, Supernatural, Weird Tales
Pages: 170
Format: Paperback
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Halloween just got a whole lot darker...

DARK HALLOWS: 10 Halloween Haunts is a wonderfully chilling collection of creepy tales that will have readers up late into the night--but only if they leave a light on!

This new offering from Scarlet Galleon Publications and Editor Mark Parker, includes stories from industry luminaries and new voices alike: Brian James Freeman, Al Sarrantonio, Robert Morrish, Norman Partridge, Ronald Malfi, Aaron Dries, Adam Cesare, Mark Parker, and Lisa Morton. And features a never-before-published tale from Cemetery Dance founder and publisher, Richard Chizmar!

Each story is beautifully accompanied by original artwork from Aaron Dries, making this a must-have for book lovers and collectors everywhere. It’s one frightful ride readers won’t want to miss.

Exploring the chilling haunts of Dark Hallows, is to take a journey into the very heart of Halloween, where readers are reconnected with the best, and hopefully worst, the 'dark holiday' has to offer.

DARK HALLOWS: 10 Halloween Haunts, edited by Mark Parker, consists of ten short stories by various authors, only connected by the central theme of Halloween. There were several stories in this anthology that I had already read elsewhere, but for the most part, those that I had were well worth re-reading.

Personal favorites of mine included:

–“There Are Corners in the World Where Lost Things Gather”, by Robert Morrish. This is one of my top two favorites! While the story started out on a “gentle” note, with an older brother who always took along his younger brother–even including the younger on some “dates”–you could sense that a natural shift would be coming, as the older moved on to other interests. That is what made this tale so “unexpected” in the end. Fabulous characterization, emotions, and very detailed atmosphere at every turn, makes Robert Morrish one of the authors I must look up more from! “. . . Everything is changing constantly, we are changing . . . Come tomorrow, none of us will be the same . . . “ You have to read this for yourselves to truly appreciate the horrors in it.

–“Freight Train Tommy”, by Aaron Dries. I love what I’ve read from this author in the past, ands this new-to-me story is the other one tied for my favorite in this anthology. This involves bullying towards those of all ages, and a secret known to a cancer-scarred librarian that can help certain people “in need” . . . “. . . Kids’ creativity . . . was a thing of awe when it wasn’t so damn hurtful . . . “

–“Johnny Halloween”, by Norman Prentiss. Although I’ve read this one previously, it remains a favorite. This tale is equal parts emotion, horror, and secrets better left unstated. “. . . You think you’re making the decisions, but mostly life is making them for you . . . “

–“The Maze”, by Lisa Morton. So few know about the ancient Celts, and the true meaning of Halloween–aside from the old woman running a cornstalk maze on All Hallows Eve.

–“Mr. Parker”, by Richard Chizmar. This is another story I’d read previously that deserves recognition. No matter how often I read it, this tale has the power to evoke deep emotions from me. A slightly different kind of horror that you won’t soon forget.

Overall, this anthology contains some well above average tales for Halloween. This would make a great addition to any horror enthusiast’s shelves.

Highly recommended!

About Mark Parker

Mark Parker is founder, publisher, and managing editor of Scarlet Galleon Publications, whose inaugural work, Dead Harvest: A Collection of Dark Tales, debuted at #1 on Amazon’s Top 100 Hot New Releases in Horror Anthologies in 2014, which will be followed up by this year’s Dark Hallows: 10 Halloween Haunts, and Summer 2016’s Fearful Fathoms: Collected Tales of Aquatic Terror. Parker is also the author of, Biology of Blood, Way of the Witch, Lucky You, Banshee’s Cry, and The Troll Diner. His works have also appeared in a number of anthologies, with more to come. He resides in New England where he is currently at work on his first novel and collection of short fiction.


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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