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{Review} THE UNHALLOWED (The NightStalkers Book 2), by Monte Plaisance

{Review} THE UNHALLOWED (The NightStalkers Book 2), by Monte PlaisanceTHE UNHALLOWED by Monte Plaisance
Series: The NightStalkers Book 2
Published by Amazon Digital Services on October 1, 2016
Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Occult & Supernatural, Paranormal, Supernatural
Pages: 222
Format: Paperback
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Zach is the invisible kid at Central High School. When he meets a new kid named Val who shows him how to have fun and be free, Zach can't believe his luck. But Val is not what he seems. By manipulating Zach’s desire to have friends, Val lures Zach into a much darker world of the unknown and for an extremely dark purpose.

THE UNHALLOWED (The NightStalkers Book 2), by Monte Plaisance, is the second book to feature the paranormal investigative team, known as the NightStalkers. This book follows the events from THE HOUSE ON JUDITH STREET. While there is information given here–in brief form–of that case, I would recommend reading book one in the series first, as it explains much in terms of the “how and why” the group begins where they do in THE UNHALLOWED.

The year is 1990, and Zach–a lonely teenager without friends–attracts the attention of school bullies. In the beginning, we see Zach alone with his own morbid thoughts.

“. . . A part of him envied them. Admired how they could simply blind themselves to the dank and destructiveness of the world . . . they existed in . . . “

After a particularly horrible incident, Zach finds himself being drawn to a strange boy by the name of Val–one who’s life on the edge and distain for others cries out loudly to him. Almost immediately, he begins to do whatever it is his new friend wants.

“. . . He understood right then, that he had absolutely nothing to lose . . . He was free . . .”

On the other hand, the NightStalkers–Michael, Christine, Daniel, and Joseph–are learning more about their new “roles” in the Ordo de Vesperus. Having reclaimed and locked away the demon known as The Marquis Ammon, they have very little time to process this before the realization that this one demon has many more “friends” that are still roaming free upon the Earth.

“Death lives when all life dies.”

In this installment, the author takes a great leap in the characterization of all of his creations. We get a much more thorough understanding of each member’s individual personality and drive. As well as the NightStalkers, and the troubled young misfit, new characters are brought into play.

The tension in this story, I found to be even more compelling than in book one! The demonic threat somehow seems much more comfortable in taking on a role with humans, and this versatility makes an already formidable opponent, so much more unpredictable and terrifying. The ability to “blend” in, to an extent, made THE UNHALLOWED a book that just didn’t let up–heightening the fear factor consistently throughout the story.

“. . . a little knowledge is a dangerous thing . . . but often times the desire to learn too much is absolutely fatal.”

The tone for this novel was set as desolate and bleak right from the start. While it had some moments of levity, the general atmosphere was overwhelmingly dangerous, where the deadly intent could be felt upon each page. There were several twists and developments along the way that I never even guessed at–which is always something I admire in a story. With the rapid pace that THE UNHALLOWED took on, I was almost afraid that the ending wouldn’t be able to live up to its potential.

Happily, this was completely unfounded, as the final pages were every bit as engaging as the first.

“. . . People will believe the unlikely, even the impossible . . . They don’t want to know the truth.”

Overall, the second book in the NightStalkers series actually surpassed the first, in my mind! Monte Plaisance managed to “up” his game in all the right areas. I’m already anticipating Book Three.

Highly recommended!


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