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{Review} WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS (Nemesis of the Gods, Book 1), by Catherine Cavendish

{Review} WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS (Nemesis of the Gods, Book 1), by Catherine CavendishWRATH OF THE ANCIENTS by Catherine Cavendish
Series: Nemesis of the Gods Book 1
Published by Lyrical Underground on October 24, 2017
Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Ghost, Historical Fiction, Horror, Occult & Supernatural, Women Sleuths
Pages: 178
Format: eBook
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Egypt, 1908

Eminent archeologist Dr. Emeryk Quintillus has unearthed the burial chamber of Cleopatra. But this tomb raider’s obsession with the Queen of the Nile has nothing to do with preserving history. Stealing sacred and priceless relics, he murders his expedition crew, and flees—escaping the quake that swallows the site beneath the desert sands . . .

Vienna, 1913

Young widow Adeline Ogilvy has accepted employment at the mansion of Dr. Quintillus, transcribing the late professor’s memoirs. Within the pages of his journals, she discovers the ravings of a madman convinced he possessed the ability to reincarnate Cleopatra. Within the walls of his home, she is assailed by unexplained phenomena: strange sounds, shadowy figures, and apparitions of hieroglyphics.

Something pursued Dr. Quintillus from Egypt. Something dark, something hungry. Something tied to the fate and future of Adeline Ogilvy . . .

WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS is Book 1 in the Nemesis of the Gods series by Catherine Cavendish. This book was an incredible blend of hysterical fiction/horror, dealing with an ancient Egyptian curse. The novel begins with a scene near the ruined temple of Taposiris Magna in Egypt, 1908. In this shocking and all-consuming opening, we are introduced to the ruthlessly obsessed Dr. Emeryk Quintillus, a tomb pillager only interested in getting what he wants.

What he desires–at any cost–is to be united with the Egyptian Goddess, Cleopatra, for eternity.

“. . . Then she will be mine for all time. Mine alone . . .”

The majority of the action then shifts to the year 1913, when Adeline Ogilvy is employed by the late Professor’s extravagant estate in Vienna, in order to transcribe his memoirs. The guidelines are rigid and inflexible, and the task as inscrutable and enigmatic as the man, himself, was.

“. . . But then, there was much about Dr. Quintillus that he chose to keep to himself.”

This novel was so expertly driven that I found myself being constantly impressed with each and every new twist that I couldn’t see coming! Cavendish has constructed such an elaborate plot–combined with painstaking research into Egyptian mythology–that the fantastical events taking place seem to literally “come alive” on the pages before you. Reverences to the ancient gods and goddesses leave you feeling as though you’ve actually visited among them. Their beliefs, guardians, and curses become “reality” in this book, and the normally “impossible” suddenly becomes all too tangible to our main characters.

“. . . impossibly mummified. Or somehow still alive. And he wasn’t alone.”

From the various historical settings and times, to the individual characters we cross paths with in each scene, Cavendish has managed to remain “true” to each event no matter what leg of the journey we are on. It is a testament to her skill that I never felt “outside” of any particular development as the novel moved along. Rather, each place and person stood out as remarkably consistent to how things might have really been at that point in time.

In the course of this narrative, I believed in the story, characters, and the repercussions that transpired. To be able to carry a reader away like that is a true talent, and I give great credit to Ms. Cavendish for managing to keep me completely absorbed during the entirety of this novel.

“. . . There really isn’t an alternative option . . . “

Overall, I was highly impressed with the quality and depth of this novel, and am very eager to read the next book in the “Nemesis of the Gods” series.

“. . . It seems in this house the impossible becomes reality a little too frequently . . . “

Highly recommended!

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Hello, my name’s Catherine Cavendish and I write horror fiction – frequently with ghostly, supernatural, gothic and haunted house themes.

Out now- from Kensington-Lyrical – the third in a trilogy – DAMNED BY THE ANCIENTS – set in Egypt and Vienna and featuring the sinister Dr. Emeryk Quintillus whose obsession has stayed with him past the grave. This completes the NEMESIS OF THE GOODS trilogy which started with WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS, followed by WAKING THE ANCIENTS.

My novellas COLD REVENGE, MISS ABIGAIL’S ROOM, THE DEMONS OF CAMBIAN STREET, THE DEVIL INSIDE HER and THE SECOND WIFE have now been released in new editions by Crossroad Press.

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