{Review} THE DOVER DEMON, by Hunter Shea
THE DOVER DEMON by Hunter Shea Also by this author: , , , Published by Severed Press on February 7, 2018 Genres: Alien, Creature... {Review} THE DOVER DEMON, by Hunter Shea 5
{Review} THE DOVER DEMON, by Hunter SheaTHE DOVER DEMON by Hunter Shea
Also by this author: , , ,
Published by Severed Press on February 7, 2018
Genres: Alien, Creature Feature, Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Psychological Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Pages: 245
Format: eBook
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The Dover Demon is real...and it has returned.

In 1977, Sam Brogna and his friends came upon a terrifying, alien creature on a deserted country road. What they witnessed was so bizarre, so chilling, they swore their silence. But their lives were changed forever. Decades later, the town of Dover has been hit by a massive blizzard. Sam's son, Nicky, is drawn to search for the infamous cryptid, only to disappear into the bowels of a secret underground lair. The Dover Demon is far deadlier than anyone could have believed. And there are many of them. Can Sam and his reunited friends rescue Nicky and battle a race of creatures so powerful, so sinister, that history itself has been shaped by their secretive presence?

“THE DOVER DEMON is Shea’s most delightful and insidiously terrifying monster yet.” – Shotgun Logic Reviews

“An excellent horror novel and a strong standout in the UFO and cryptid subgenres.” –Hellnotes

“Non-stop action awaits those brave enough to dive into the small town of Dover, and if you’re lucky, you won’t see the Demon himself!” – The Scary Reviews

THE DOVER DEMON, by Hunter Shea, is one of his fast-action cryptic–or “creature-feature” novels. What sets this one apart from some others, in my humble opinion, is that it incorporates many unexplained sightings and conjecture from all over the world, merging it flawlessly into its own fictional universe. This gives the story a sense of reality, in that many of the topics are actually in debate in our world now. The Dover Demon is an alien, of a sort–only with Shea’s imagination it becomes something much more “fleshed out” and unique than you’ll find in an average alien novel.

“. . . Without mystery, there is no faith, no yearning for greater truths . . . A world without mystery is a mundane existence . . . “

The real beginning to this tale would be an evening in Dover, Massachusetts, in 1977, when several teens–including Sam, Kelly, Tank, and Stephanie–saw an unnatural, alien-like creature. Despite most of them pushing the memory of that night into a locked recess of their subconscious, it had irrevocably changed the course of their lives. Decades later, Sam Brogna’s son, Nicky–spurred on by recent tales of a “Dover Demon” sighting nearby–decides to go “hunting” with a couple of his friends . . .

“Resistance is futile.”

The first part of this book is set up to give us some great insight into each and every one of the main characters. I’ve always felt this to be one of the strengths in Shea’s writing, and he doesn’t disappoint here. We get to bear witness to scenes in the individual characters’ current lives, and in doing so, we see exactly what motivates them, their fears, strengths, beliefs, family and friends. In Sam’s case, his love for his son is pivotal, as he exchanges an impressive business career to open a comic book store, in order to stay closer to Nicky.

“. . . There was always time for books. Reading was knowledge, it was pleasure, it was joy, it was life . . . “

By only a quarter of the novel, I felt as if I actually knew these people, their lives were so complete in my mind that they could’ve walked off of the pages and into the house down the street. When you find yourself genuinely caring about an author’s creations, you know you’ve found something great.

Aside from the emotional attachment, I found the area in Massachusetts–in the middle of a snowstorm–so easy to envision through Shea’s narrative. The bitter cold, biting wind, forms half glimpsed from the corner of your eyes . . . all these become not only possible, but plausible. Once the action starts steadily ramping up, disbelief is impossible. You are under the spell of a spectacular tale.

The action and carnage keeps everything moving along rapidly, and you may find yourself wishing the novel didn’t have to end.

“There is nothing like freedom lost, is there? . . . “

Overall, THE DOVER DEMON is already one of my favorite reads of the year, combining realistic characters, environment, action, and just enough “folklore” to keep you thinking . . . “What if?“. This is a book to keep on the shelves, and re-read for certain.

Highly recommended!

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