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{Review} WAKING THE ANCIENTS (Nemesis of the Gods), by Catherine Cavendish

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{Review} WAKING THE ANCIENTS (Nemesis of the Gods), by Catherine CavendishWAKING THE ANCIENTS (Nemesis of the Gods) by Catherine Cavendish
Series: Nemesis of the Gods Book 2
Published by Lyrical Underground on April 24, 2018
Pages: 192
Format: eBook
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Egypt, 1908

University student Lizzie Charters accompanies her mentor, Dr. Emeryk Quintillus, on the archeological dig to uncover Cleopatra’s tomb. Her presence is required for a ceremony conducted by the renowned professor to resurrect Cleopatra’s spirit—inside Lizzie’s body. Quintillus’s success is short-lived, as the Queen of the Nile dies soon after inhabiting her host, leaving Lizzie’s soul adrift . . .

Vienna, 2018

Paula Bancroft’s husband just leased Villa Dürnstein, an estate once owned by Dr. Quintillus. Within the mansion are several paintings and numerous volumes dedicated to Cleopatra. But the archeologist’s interest in the Egyptian empress deviated from scholarly into supernatural, infusing the very foundations of his home with his dark fanaticism. And as inexplicable manifestations rattle Paula’s senses, threatening her very sanity, she uncovers the link between the villa, Quintillus, and a woman named Lizzie Charters.

And a ritual of dark magic that will consume her soul . . .

Praise for Catherine Cavendish’s Wrath of the Ancients

“Cavendish has constructed such an elaborate plot—combined with painstaking research into Egyptian mythology—that the fantastical events taking place seem to literally ‘come alive’ on the pages before you.”

“Cavendish offers up an atmospheric gothic horror tale that effortlessly blends together history and the supernatural to create an unsettling horror story that will appeal to almost any horror fan.”

WAKING THE ANCIENTS is the second Nemesis Of The Gods book by Catherine Cavendish.  This novel details the present state of events in the manor once owned by Dr. Emeryk Quintillus, and also delves into the past, showcasing events just prior to Book 1, WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS.

Retaining the magical descriptions of the stately “Villa Durnstein” in Vienna, Cavendish easily gets the reader back into her tale that began with one scholar’s absolute obsession with the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra–culminating in his “secret” discovery in Egypt in the year of 1908.  While the years that followed this were the focus of Book 1, we are now given an in-depth look at the events and people who shaped the journey to that point.

A young woman named Lizzie Chambers was Dr. Quintillus’ first “assistant”. She was hand-picked to accompany the controversial professor to unearth his discoveries.  We get to know a great deal about Miss Chambers and her own admiration for this powerful and somewhat–frightening–scholar.

The visualizations we get by reading this journey give an absolute picture of the personalities of each of these characters.  While we already “know” Dr. Quintillus from Book 1, Cavendish fleshes out Lizzie Chambers almost effortlessly here, and it was easy to feel as though I’d known her much longer as well.

The beauty of the locations–especially that of the Doctor’s former home, Villa Durnstein, contrast greatly with rituals involving dark magic, possession, and an obsession so great that there is no limit to the lengths a man would go to achieve it.  This stark comparison between beauty/life and evil/death is present throughout the entire span of the novel.

In the current year, Phil and Paula Bancroft are leasing the Villa for a time.  Even as Phil is proudly showing off the magnificent, temporary, home to his wife, she subconsciously senses the underlying currents that exist there.

“. . . a goose walked over my grave . . . it felt like that.”

At the center of it all is the grand library–still stocked with Dr. Quintillus’ own books–and the large mural on the ceiling depicting Cleopatra, with her jealous sister watching from the sidelines.  Despite her awe at the beauty of this room, Paula find herself strangely conflicted each time she nears it.

“. . . wondered why she tiptoed into the room.  Why not just stride in there?

Because it doesn’t feel right.

Regardless of which timeline Cavendish takes us to, the characters and situations come alive in the reader’s mind.  Her descriptions, dialogs, events, and even thoughts are so artfully written that you will mentally feel yourself right there in the midst of the action.

As the legacy that Dr. Quintillus set into motion continues on, you may even find yourself frantically looking for a way to escape . . .

“What . . . do you arm yourself with when your opponent isn’t . . . tangible?”

Every bit as captivating as WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS, WAKING THE ANCIENTS is sure to carry the reader off into the clutches of Dr. Quintillus, and a historical fiction novel that may challenge your own beliefs on what events might have contributed to shaping the life of one of the most famous Egyptian figures of all time.

Highly recommended!

About Catherine Cavendish


Hello, my name’s Catherine Cavendish and I write horror fiction – frequently with ghostly, supernatural, gothic and haunted house themes.

Out now- from Kensington-Lyrical – the third in a trilogy – DAMNED BY THE ANCIENTS – set in Egypt and Vienna and featuring the sinister Dr. Emeryk Quintillus whose obsession has stayed with him past the grave. This completes the NEMESIS OF THE GOODS trilogy which started with WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS, followed by WAKING THE ANCIENTS.

My novellas COLD REVENGE, MISS ABIGAIL’S ROOM, THE DEMONS OF CAMBIAN STREET, THE DEVIL INSIDE HER and THE SECOND WIFE have now been released in new editions by Crossroad Press.

My novels THE DEVIL’S SERENADE and SAVING GRACE DEVINE have also been released in new editions by Crossroad Press, as have my novel of the Lancashire Witches – THE PENDLE CURSE – and my novellas, LINDEN MANOR and DARK AVENGING ANGEL.

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