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{Review} HEARING EVIL (Cycle of Evil: Book 2), by Jason Parent

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{Review} HEARING EVIL (Cycle of Evil:  Book 2), by Jason ParentHEARING EVIL by Jason Parent
Series: Cycle of Evil: Book 2
Published by Red Adept Publishing on May 29, 2018
Genres: Crime, Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Law & Crime, Mystery, Paranormal, Police Procedural, Psychological Horror, Supernatural, Thriller
Pages: 254
Format: eBook
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When evil whispers.

Michael Turcotte wants nothing to do with his so-called gift—the ability to see other people’s fates simply by touching them. Michael decides to spend his summer searching for answers about his past. He can’t rest without the sounds of forgotten tragedy echoing through his dreams, but reconstructing his memories will come with a whole new set of problems even he can’t foresee.

Detective Samantha Reilly has always looked out for Michael, but now that she’s taken him into her home, she fears her maternal instincts are lacking. When a brutal gang sets off a chain reaction of crimes, Sam struggles to choose between the two most important things in her life: her job and her new foster son. Fate intervenes when Michael is kidnapped, forcing her two roles to collide.

As Michael’s past meets Sam’s present, their bond will be tested while a city crumbles around them. They’ll need all their skills and a lot of luck in order to survive.

HEARING EVIL is Book 2 in the Cycle of Evil series by Jason Parent.  Michael Turcotte is now trying to get on with his life, attempting to avoid the supernatural visions of the future that have plagued him in the past.  Currently residing with his guardian, Detective Samantha Reilly, all he wants is to be . . . ordinary . . . like any other boy his age.

Unfortunately, that appears to be too much for Michael to hope for.

“. . . The visions were happening again . . . “

When I began reading this book, I was immediately swept back into the characters’ lives, picking up where they had left off in SEEING EVIL.  Parent stays true to the characters he’s developed, with decisions that are consistent with what his readers have come to “expect” from them.

“. . . People suck . . . As often as he told himself that, it didn’t change the fact that he did care.”

The atmosphere is charged with tension, uncertainty, and hostility right from the very beginning.  As Detective Reilly often sees the “worst the city has to offer” this should come as no surprise to those that have read the preceding novel.  Parent brings back some previous characters, as well as presenting us with some all new ones.

“. . . pain was only temporary, but shame and cowardice were long-lasting and hurt far worse . . . “

As refreshing as it is to return to the known characters, these new inclusions have personalities and traits that I was instantly drawn to.

“. . . Let him be better than us.”

In fact, I found these individual sub-plots to be just as captivating as the main one.  Seeing the way that these divergent branches eventually meet up or crossed paths was every bit as exciting as the more . . . intrinsic . . . matters facing Michael.

” . . . He was just sort of empty . . . “

The action scenes were complete with intellectual strength, emotional impact, and adrenaline-fueled excitement.  These never felt “forced” or as random scenes thrown in to fulfill a word count, but rather each and every page was necessary in order to further the plot.

“. . . perfection is unobtainable.  Utopia is a lie.  Human nature is constant, and it is ugly.

Of the new additions in this book, one in particular is most . . . unique.  I found myself anxiously awaiting these particular scenes, as each new bit of information gleaned helped to further flesh out the person’s role, abilities, and intentions.

“. . . There are no boogeymen in black hoodies haunting me . . . “

Add to this already fast-paced novel Michael searching for answers to his past, as well as questions about his future, and you have a book that you simply won’t want to put down.  Every new revelation will leave you anticipating the next even more.

“. . . Sometimes, the ends justify the means . . . “

Overall, a great book that crosses over into the thriller, crime, police-procedural, and supernatural genres.  Each scene and character felt necessary to advancing the story–sometimes in more than one direction.  The characters that we already “know” stay true to themselves, and their growth and adaption seems a natural process, rather than one forced upon them.

“. . . He didn’t want to be killed.  It sounded painful . . . “

Highly recommended, to be read following SEEING EVIL (Cycle of Evil:  Book 1).

About Jason Parent

Jason is an author of horror, thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, and dark humor, though his many novels, novellas, and short stories tend to blur the boundaries between these genres. From his award-winning first horror/mystery novel, What Hides Within, to his widely applauded police procedural/supernatural thriller, Seeing Evil, Jason’s work has won him praise from both critics and fans of diverse genres alike. His work has been compared to that of some of his personal favorite authors, such as Chuck Palahniuk, Jack Ketchum, Tess Gerritsen, and Joe Hill.

Jason grew up near Fall River, Massachusetts, the setting for several of his novels. He has lived in New England most his life, currently residing in Rhode Island.

Please visit the author on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or at his website,, for information regarding upcoming events or releases, or if you have any questions or comments for him.

Praise for Jason Parent

“Seeing Evil has some very special moments and is a very fast read. There’s no denying Parent has talent.” – Glenn Rolfe, author of Blood and Rain and Boom Town

“Jason Parent has done it again! He has created a brilliant story that will grip you tight and won’t let go! I found myself turning page after page to see what happens next. From start to finish, this book is mind blowing!” – Cedar Hollow Horror Reviews on A Life Removed

“Wonderfully original tales of horror… Wrathbone and Other Stories gets my highest recommendation.” – Cemetery Dance

“From the eerie opening tale to the grisly closer, and all of the wonderfully mean-spirited tales in-between, Wrathbone is a winner!” – Jeff Strand, author of Dead Clown Barbecue


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