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{Review} PREDATORS, by Michaelbrent Collings

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{Review} PREDATORS, by Michaelbrent CollingsPREDATORS by Michaelbrent Collings
Published by Written Insomnia Press on September 4, 2018
Genres: Creature Feature, Crime, Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Psychological Horror, Suspense, Thriller, Thrillers & Suspense
Pages: 351
Format: eBook
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"[A]n exciting, visceral, inventive tale of survival in the most primal of settings."
- Screamfix
"A well written, dark and emotional read..."
- Horror Drive-in
"[S]cary, gory and suspenseful, and will keep you reading late into the night..."
- Monster Librarian
She is one of the only animals
who can chase a lion from its kill...

Evie Childs hoped the all-expense-paid trip to Africa would give her a chance at adventure. Maybe it would even let her forget a past that haunts her, and find safety from a husband who abuses her.

Her jaws can crush bone to powder...

But when a group of "freedom fighters" kidnaps her safari tour group, intent on holding them for ransom, the adventure turns to nightmare.

She knows no mercy, only hunger...

Now, Evie and the rest of the survivors must travel across miles of the harshest, most dangerous environment on Earth. No food. No water. No communications.

And they're being hunted.

She is the only animal alive
who laughs as she hunts...

A pack of Africa's top predators have smelled the blood of the survivors, and will not stop until they have fed. Because in this place, you can be either one of the prey, or one of the...


PREDATORS, by Michaelbrent Collings, is a novel that ran me through the gauntlet of emotions. Every intense feeling that you could possibly contemplate was present in this storyline. While the predators are not supernatural in nature, with Collings’ incredible descriptions and different point-of-views, you will be no less terrified than if they were some completely unknown, sinister entity.

“. . . in the end, when the prey had become predator, the hunters the hunted, they ran.”

It seemed to me that the first half of this novel mainly set the stage for the action to come. The characterization was phenomenal. We have a fairly large group of characters: families, couples, individuals, and the guides responsible for taking the guests out into “the wild” of Africa–to view the exotic animals (from the relative safety of the company vehicles, of course).

“. . . there are certain places it is better not to disturb.”

Aside from the resort, Collings inserts interludes where the point of view comes from the main . . . predator. This technique worked extremely well in this story.

“. . . She’s one of the few animals that can chase a lion away from his kill . . . “

I never once felt a “jarring” change, or that it intruded upon the rest of the novel. Rather, these were so fluidly placed that they seemed a natural continuation of the tale, no matter what point I was at.

“Nature was the queen of all, and it was useless to pit your will against her . . . “

I will admit that “usually” if a novel spends the entire first half building on the individual characters’ personalities, current situations, and the past that brought them up to this moment, I would probably stop at some point when I realized that there was still no “physical” action taking place. Yet in PREDATORS, this information was dished out in such a compelling fashion that I actually wanted to know more.

“. . . pain had become the sum of her existence, the thing she feared . . . and at once the only thing that reminded her she still lived at all.”

Of course you had characters you loved, despised, and “throwaway” characters that you knew would be used later for carnage. All of them completely necessary in their own way.

“Invisibility was a refuge, and if you couldn’t manage invisibility, then absolute subservience was a close second.”

“. . . there’s only predator, and prey.”

By the time you realize where the second half of the novel was taking you to, you’re already fully invested in the welfare of the characters. All I will say regarding this is that you won’t want to skip a single sentence in this dramatically intense book.

“Fairy tales are so often dark . . . as bad as they are, they are less terrifying than the world itself often manages to be . . . “

Overall, this was a book that captivated me throughout its entire duration. Whether it was character building, discussing individuals’ pasts, or coming from the predators’ point-of-view, each and every moment gave something vital to the reader.

“Sometimes, even the crudest of beasts would thirst for revenge . . . “

With this novel, Collings has come back to the horror genre in a big way. This is, quite probably, one of the most memorable stories I’ve read this entire year.

“. . . You were more alive out here . . . Until you’re not.”

Highly recommended.

About Michaelbrent Collings

About Michaelbrent Collings

Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally-bestselling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award Finalist, and one of the top indie horror writers in the US. He hopes someday to develop superpowers, and maybe get a cool robot arm.

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