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We’re going to be adding new content that may be a bit different than what you’ve seen in the past here at Horror After Dark. In addition to the fiction reviews and author interviews we’ve always done, we will also be reviewing the occasional dark film. Today we’re looking at Beast which caught Laurie’s eye while she was taking a little break from the books. We hope you enjoy our new feature and that some of you will share your recent horror movie finds with us in the comments. Or better yet, submit a guest review that we can feature on the site!

Horror After Dark Review

BEAST is a moody film about a young lady with a few issues. She lives under the thumb of an oppressive mother who demands she care for her ailing father and basically obey and do whatever else she says or risk a nasty tongue lashing. The movie opens during a birthday party thrown for Moll but when her sister sidetracks the party with a baby announcement Moll decides to take off and heads out to a club to blow off some frustration with alcohol and dance.

It’s better than stabbing someone, right?

Maybe not, haha! At the club she meets a guy who decides he has the right to her body because he’s purchased her a few drinks. She’s saved by a rifle toting scruffy looking guy named Pasqual who gives her a ride home. His hands are covered in what looks like blood and earth and he’s probably super smelly but he explains that he’s been hunting and then shows her a barrel overflowing with rabbit pelts he’s poached. Moll isn’t too bothered by that stuff. She’s attracted to his earthy smell and the two fall in lusty love before learning very much about each other. Moll’s country clubbing Mom is horrified by Pasqual because he’s not afraid to call out BS and because he wears jeans to the club. They’re black jeans, mind you, but still common-man jeans all the same. A policeman, who is not-so-secretly in love with Moll, is also horrified with this turn of events but not because of Pasqual’s jeans.

You see, they all live on an island and a serial killer has been kidnapping, raping and leaving young girls for dead and this strange dude might have a few skeletons in his closet . . .

I really enjoyed this film. It’s a very intimate story that is well acted by its two leads and raw emotion bleeds out in every scene. Fear, desire, love, confusion, rage. It is all done so well.  The actress who plays Moll is especially captivating.  You feel every emotion along with her and this is something I typically only experience with well written novels. Her character is a complicated one and her mother may have a valid reason for keeping such a tight rein on Moll. I never quite knew how she was going to react or what she was going to do and I loved that.

The movie is a bit of a slow burn and, though it might be a wee bit too long, I was never bored. It’s dark and lovely and gritty and compelling and if you’re a fan of dangerous romances and damaged characters I hope you’re going to love BEAST as much as I did.

BEAST is streaming on the subscription service Shudder and if you’re a horror film fan it’s worth every penny. Their original content has been top notch lately and The Last Drive-In Marathon’s with Joe Bob Briggs are killing it. They’re currently offering a free month to new subscribers to celebrate Women In Horror Month. Use code #WIHM9 at sign-up for your free month of horror goodness.


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