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{Review} THE BLACK HOTEL: A Supernatural Thriller by Renee Wakefield

{Review} THE BLACK HOTEL:  A Supernatural Thriller by Renee WakefieldTHE BLACK HOTEL: A Supernatural Thriller by Renee Wakefield
Published by Independently Published on October 11, 2018
Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Suspense, Thriller
Pages: 229
Format: eBook
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Welcome to Black Hotel. A haunted hotel... with no ghosts

When overweight dreamer Jack stumbles on work at Black Hotel, he believes he has found the perfect job. With no guests, the hotel pays him to sit about all night and do nothing. He doesn't even mind when he discovers the hotel is haunted. What upsets him is that no one believes him. But as the past and future collide and the hauntings escalate, Jack has to figure out what is going on before it is too late.

Black Hotel is the exciting debut thriller by Renee Wakefield. If you enjoy spine-tingling terror, tales of ghosts and haunted hotels, with a bit of fun thrown in along the way, grab your copy of Black Hotel today.

THE BLACK HOTEL: A Supernatural Thriller, is the first book I have read by Renee Wakefield. Jack, is a 38 year old, unambitious, lazy man. He’s content to play video games with his roommate, and work a series of dull jobs that don’t require him actually “doing” much.

“. . . all of his friends had evolved, and he hadn’t. Like he missed the memo . . . “ 

While wandering aimlessly one day, he literally stumbles upon the door of what was once a gorgeous gothic structure, the Black Hotel. Although the hotel is empty most of the year, its eccentric owner keeps it open at all times, “just in case”. To Jack’s delight, they are in need of an overnight attendant. Aside from the off-chance of a guest wandering in, he just has to sit there.

“. . . The sense of being drawn inside . . . the hotel had a powerful sense of significance . . . “ 

I have to admit that this character is not one that appealed to me. He had an almost “childish” attitude most of the time, and yet at others he would have a thought that seemed a little too deep–making him inconsistent with the information we were already given. His own mother dismisses him as “too imaginative”.

“. . . you made the boy who cried wolf seem like a reliable source of information . . . “ 

There were some comical moments, mostly at Jack’s expense–but otherwise the first three-quarters seemed to have little to do with the “ghosts” that Jack believes he sees in the hotel.

The problem is, nobody else sees them, which makes for the unreliable narrator part.

“It was much harder to come up with witty effective comebacks when the person you’re arguing with is probably right.” 

One thing this novel had going for it was the atmosphere. The beautiful gothic-style hotel and its furnishings were enough to capture my attention for a while. It was able to take me back to a time when the hotel saw a steady stream of visitors, and the luxurious surroundings fit in with the fashion of the day. This, fueled by the remembrances of the elderly owner and heir of the estate, made the existence of these “ghostly sightings” at least “possible”.

“. . . it’s like the entire world knows the secret. A secret I just don’t get.” 

Overall, I will admit that while the first three quarters kept me in solely based on the atmosphere of The Black Hotel, the author made great use of the final quarter. It was here that we finally encounter several twists that I never saw coming, and these impressed me enough to raise my rating to three stars. The unreliable narrator didn’t work for me, personally, in this story; however, I know that other readers may enjoy it much more so. Myself, I loved that last quarter, where things honestly shocked me–in a good way.

“Hauntings never end well . . . “ 

This was a very different style of haunting, that some readers will love much more than others.

About Renee Wakefield

About Renee Wakefield

hi! my name is Renee and I write in supernatural thrillers.

people often ask me how I come up with such spooky, creepy tales. Well, every word I write is true. At least Alice tells me they are as she whispers them in my ear while I sleep. Alice would know. As well as being my dead twin sister, Alice is a very prominent ghost in the under community. Or so she tells me. But who can say for sure? You know what they say about us Wakefield women, if our lips are moving, we are lying.

as for me, I’m am somewhat of a recluse, with a fondness for ellipses… I live in my head mostly, but when you can find me on the beach in the south-east corner of Australia, living with my two cats named Spencer and a dog.


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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