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Guest Review: Seduced by the Symbiote by Ashley Knott

Today we have a bit of fun to liven up the place because as much as we love darkness here at HAD, one needs to lighten things up every now and again. And who better than Lilyn from Sci-fi and Scary to give us a dose of sarcasm and humor? Today she shares a little monsterporn. We hope you enjoy her review and if you feel inspired please feel free to submit your own!


Seduced by the Symbiote is a science fiction horror story of a tentacle alien monster and a fertile female! 

Arianny is the captain of a deep space salvage vessel. She’s lonely, down on her luck and desperate to earn enough money from salvage to turn her life around. Her current job is a last gasp bid to scrape enough money together so that she can pay her mounting debts. But she finds more than she bargained for, floating amongst the derelict space junk: a mysterious tank of unknown origin. 

When the tank opens and a shapeshifting, tentacle alien symbiote emerges, Arianny finds that the creature plans to use her as a living host, filling her body – and belly – with itself. This rough dominant shifter alien has dark, explicit plans and wants control of Arianny’s body and mind. 

Arianny tries to escape the huge, hard and hungry tentacle, but first she finds herself seduced by its relentless onslaught of taboo pleasures. She must try retain any vestige of herself as the ravenous alien uses its tentacles to stretch, stuff and explore her willing body in ever more extreme and lustful, stimulating ways, overwhelming her mind as well as her flesh.


Lilyn’s Review

Laurie (Bark’s Books) has been trying to get me to read monster porn for at least a year now. Well, finally she issued me a challenge on Twitter, and that’s one thing I have trouble backing down from. (Especially when it’s just silly fun.) So, I agreed I’d give her at least 1 review a month for 6 months minimum of monster porn.

Anyone who has been around my Twitter feed for any length of time knows that tentacles inevitably pop up in a conversation, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the first story I chose to review was Seduced by the Symbiote (Sci-Fi Alien Tentacle Horror) (The Tentacle Monster’s Host Book 1).

Now, this isn’t actually going to be full of bitching, believe it or not. However, I am going to start off with a major bitch of: STOP DOING THAT. Stop putting descriptions in the title area. Just stop. If I wasn’t deliberately looking for trashy stuff to review for this, I would have never picked this book up because of that.

Now, let’s get to the tab a slot b of it all. The idea was fun. Obviously. The writing wasn’t nearly the worst I’ve ever seen.The idea of a woman doing a one-person team deep space salvage was cool. However, the story started off with a bang that that didn’t exactly get me raring. It did swiftly transition into the bare modicum of story I understand is necessary for this type of literotica to take place.

Seduced by the Symbiote needs a bit of editing and word re-thinkage though. The word gulping it never sexy, and the author uses it repeatedly in here. And the jolts – jolt is not a word I think of as sexy either – were a bit much. At one point I clearly visualized this chick laying on her teensy space bunk with lightning bolts shooting out of her nipples and nub. It was a bit electrifying, as I imagined it.

I also don’t know whether to admire or shake my head at the main character’s ability to go from dry to sopping wet in what feels like 60 seconds or less. Post-coital cleanup (or even after rubbing one off) must be a bitch when you get that moist that easily. (I mean, seriously, at a certain point I started to fear for the poor woman. Anyone losing that much liquid has to be at risk for dehydration.) 

Overall, while it had its moments of rev-me-up, I actually ended up feeling a bit shafted. See, even though this is only 47 pages long, the actual story (har-har) ends at the 63% mark. So, we get wham, a lull, one three-hole BAM! and it’s over. The rest of the book is an extract of the second book, which gets into pregnancy weirdness, and helllllll no. That’s one way to shift me from slightly revved up to an engine so cold you won’t dare try to start it back up again until spring.

Rating: 3/5 – A decent, but unfulfilling tentacle lay.

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Lilyn George



Haha, thanks Lilyn. I’m glad you sort of enjoyed it! ~ Laurie


Scary books make everything so much better! I've been reading them since I was a wee, weird little thing and grew up with a steady diet of King, Koontz, Barker, and Brite and will read and watch just about anything with a hint of darkness.

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