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March New Releases Part 4

Here’s the newest horror for your Friday!

If you are an author with a 2019 upcoming release that you’d like us to feature in these posts, please leave your book link in the comments! Reader additions are always welcome too. We want to include ALL the new horror. Also, please note publishing dates change constantly so please kindly note any changes in the comments.


MOSQUITO MAN by Jeremy Bates

From USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author Jeremy Bates comes the first book in the all-new WORLD’S SCARIEST LEGENDS series.After a woman bangs at the door in the middle of the night, and promptly dies from her injury, a couple’s remote cabin getaway becomes a psychological night of terror as they are hunted by an unknown assailant. Now they must go far beyond what they thought themselves capable of if they hope to save their young children and survive until morning.

Although in a series, this is a STAND-ALONE novel. For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Richard Laymon, Bentley Little, as well as other horror and mystery authors such as Dan Simmons, Jack Ketchum, Robert McCammon, Brian Keene, Darcy Coates, Amy Cross, Jeff Strand, Ambrose Ibsen, Jeremy Robinson, Nick Cutter, Blake Crouch, Joe Hill, Iain Rob Wright, Jeff Menapace, Matt Shaw, Heather Graham, Jack Kilborn, James Herbert. We hope you enjoy!

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Screechers by Kevin J. Kennedy & Christina Bergling book cover

Screechers by Kevin J. Kennedy & Christina Bergling

In the apocalyptic fallout of the burned world, the screecher is a massive beast evolved to kill and built for survival. One screecher abandons its home among the crushed remnants of a city and moves to explore the wider world. Unbeknownst to it, one of its surviving nephews decides to tag along. 

Far away, across the dusty sand dunes, three men flee the smoldering ashes of their community along with their regrets, looking for a new place to survive. 

These two stories, of screechers and humans, alternate and dance around each other before the creatures and men intersect and weave into one story. 

In the scorched remains, everything struggles to survive. The end of the world produced mutated monsters beyond imagination. When worlds collide, when man meets monster, who will survive in this new world? 

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Alice May Parker moves with her family to the sleepy town of Pacific Grove after her Mom dies, but little does she know the strange and terrifying events to come. When she falls into the bay during a kayaking trip, she is rescued from drowning by the mysterious Henry Raphael. Handsome, old fashioned and cordial, he is unlike any other boy she has known before. Intelligent and romantic, he sees straight into her soul. Soon Alice and Henry are swept up in a passionate and decidedly unorthodox romance until she finds out that Henry is not all what he seems. . . 

“A supernatural mystery, a coming of age story with romance, faith and hope. The biggest theme in the novel is what it means to be alive, focusing on Alice as she tries to navigate her grief for her mother, her new relationship, and her family. As history, a curse and ghosts plague the town, life and death are tackled in a unique way. Tony Lee Moral doesn’t shy away from his characters questioning belief, and they are confronted with whether they need to see to believe, or believe to see. The plot comes full circle by the end, but the last page will leave you wanting more. It’s clear this is just the beginning for Alice. A must read with strong prose that carries an eerie undercurrent, slowly delving into details as the mystery unfolds.” – Readers Favorite

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Scheduled to Release March 22, 2019

“The truth sits and wisdom resides.”

Compared to the Core or the Scattered, the Numinous sets its focus on the supernatural and spiritual realms within the Dark Titan Universe. From Travis Vail to Creed to Cinderella and many more, these occult detectives and supernatural entities do their part in keeping the balance of the universe. Even though there are threats within the inner circle, seeking to bring tragedy and despair to all living beings.

The stories in Tales of the Numinous are: 

  • Mystery of the Mutant-Thing
  • Creed: The Cryptic Circle
  • Death Chaser: Souls of Retribution
  • Travis Vail, Spirit-Seeker: First Sins
  • The Devilhunter: Unseen Worship
  • The Man Called Fable: The Mage and The Con
  • Cinderella: Midnight Strikes
  • Heaven Has Called: All Called From Above
  • Doctor Dark: Holder of Darkness

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Scheduled to Release March 26, 2019


Sharp & Sugar Tooth: Women Up To No Good is a horror anthology of dark fiction and darker appetites, edited by Octavia Cade. Containing 22 stories of “bad” women, and “good” women who just haven’t been caught yet, it features 22 fearless writers who identify as female, non-binary, or a marginalized sex or gender identity. It’s the third in the Women Up To No Good series, which can be read in any order, or as standalone anthologies.

Contributors are based in or hailing from Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, the UK, and all over the United States. Between them, they have won the Andre Norton, Eugie Foster Memorial, Hugo, Lambda, Locus, Mythopoeic, Nebula, Prix Imaginales, Rhysling, Romantic Times’ Critics Choice, This Is Horror, James Tiptree Jr., and World Fantasy Awards, and been shortlisted for the Bram Stoker, John W. Campbell, and Shirley Jackson Awards!

They are: Kathleen Alcalá, Betsy Aoki, Joyce Chng, Katharine Duckett, Anahita Eftekhari, Chikodili Emelumadu, Amelia Gorman, Jasmyne J. Harris, A. R. Henle, Crystal Lynn Hilbert, Erin Horáková, Kathryn McMahon, H. Pueyo, D. A. Xiaolin Spires, Rachael Sterling, Penny Stirling, Catherynne M. Valente, Sabrina Vourvoulias, Damien Angelica Walters, Rem Wigmore, Alyssa Wong, and Caroline M. Yoachim.

Editor Octavia Cade is a New Zealand writer with a PhD in science communication and a particular interest in science history and marine studies. She been published in places like Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, and Apex Magazine, and is the author of Food and Horror: Essays on Ravenous Souls, Toothsome Monsters, and Vicious Cravings (Book Smugglers, 2017), a book of poetry and several novellas. She has been nominated for BSFA and Elgin awards, and has won three Sir Julius Vogels, twice for best novella (The Ghost of Matter and The Convergence of Fairy Tales) and once for best fan writing, for a series of columns on food and horror.

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GUEST BOOK: Ghost Stories by Leanne Shapton

“Shapton combines found and original visuals with unsettling, evocative stories to capture the sensation of what it feels like to try to remember a dream upon waking.” – Harper’s Bazaar

One of our most imaginative writers and artists explores the visitations that haunt us in the midst of life, and reinvents the very way we narrate experience.

A tennis prodigy collapses after his wins, crediting them to an invisible, not entirely benevolent presence. A series of ghosts appear at their former bedsides, some distraught, some fascinated, to witness their unfamiliar occupants. A woman returns from a visit to Alcatraz with an uncomfortable feeling. The spirit of a prisoner has attached himself to you, a friend tells her. He sensed the sympathy you had for those men. In more than two dozen stories and vignettes, accompanied by an evocative curiosity cabinet of artifacts and images, Guestbook beckons us through the glimmering, unsettling evidence that marks our paths in life.

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Scheduled to Release March 30, 2019

MIDNIGHT GARDEN (The Extra Ordinary World Novella Series Book 1) by Jeannie Wycherley

Lisa’s mother is dying. But Lisa doesn’t care…

Now in her early forties, and with her life disintegrating around her, she’s been forced to return to her childhood home where the memories of her father and brother have long been repressed. 

When the Victorian villa across the road goes up for sale, Lisa is naturally curious. One old woman has owned the property her whole life, and Lisa has never been allowed to step into the grounds before.

Now an odd young stranger invites her to explore the garden … but only after midnight.

But as everyone knows, after midnight is when the nightmares really begin.

Soon Lisa will be all alone in the world, and that will suit her just fine. Won’t it?

Not if her mother takes her guilty secret with her to the grave.

Read Midnight Garden now.

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Scheduled to Release March 31, 2019

PERFUNCTORY AFFECTION Kim Harrison, narrated by Traci Odom

Is it better to live a lie of perfection when the truth is too ugly to survive?

Meg wants a normal life. Her new artistic style, born in the depression of her mother’s death, is poised to take the art world by storm, if she could just overcome the debilitating anxiety caused by the car accident that scarred her boyfriend, Austin. Encouraged by her therapist, Meg pushes outside her comfort zone to befriend Haley, a guest instructor at the university where Meg teaches. Haley is everything Meg wants to be: charismatic, confident, and perfect, but when Austin expresses his worry that Haley is changing Meg too fast, Meg kicks him out of her life. Or at least, she tries.

Kim Harrison, author of the number one bestselling urban fantasy Hollows series, brings to life a world terrifyingly near to our own, where what’s real and what shouldn’t exist twine together in the madness of a troubled mind desperate for a way out. But when the truth is revealed, the question remains, is it better to live a lie of perfection, or cleave to an ugly reality that will destroy you?

Contains mature themes.

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Tune in next week for another round of recent releases! In the meantime, please share what you’re reading in March.


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    I’ve enjoyed several of Jeremy’s books so Mosquito Man goes on my list! And Screechers is already on my list. Some of these others will be getting a closer look too. Thanks for sharing them, Laurie!

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