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{Review} Triple Axe by Scott Cole

Jesse Jinx is a porn star. She has dreams of starting her own adult film production company where she and the other actors will be treated more fairly. But there won’t be a production company if she can’t come up with the money—or if there aren’t any porn stars left. 

A deranged killer is on the loose, targeting adult entertainers, and choking them to death with a weapon that leaves no trace of itself. When the authorities refuse to help Jesse and her two closest friends, the three women decide to take matters into their own hands . . . with axes. As their colleagues fall one by one, they have a plan to stay alive—and they’re ready to hatchet!

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Horror After Dark Review

Triple Axe is an amusing little serial killer tale written for those of us with warped minds. This isn’t a story about an investigator hot on the case and hellbent on finding the murderer. Nope, it’s not that at all. In this case, the serial killer is targeting porn actresses and the police just don’t give a crap about them. The women are insulted when reporting their story and the police refuse to take them seriously. It is extremely infuriating.

So the ladies, tired of being targets of a cowardly murderous freak, take it upon themselves to do something about it. It may involve axes and nudity and glorious, raging revenge.

This story is so much fun. I really had a blast reading it. I know that probably sounds terribly weird but it’s funny despite all of the murder and mayhem. It moves fast and the characters are well written, tough, resilient and likable. It wasn’t over the top gross but there’s blood, a little gore and a lot of sex, boobs and body fluids splashing the pages. If you’re up for this type of insanity, I highly recommend TRIPLE AXE to you!

I also love the fact that the author dedicated it to all the dirty birds, lol, and I can’t wait to read more of his writing.

*I received a copy of this book from the author. It’s a good thing I liked it but even if I didn’t I’d still tell you the honest truth!

4 Stars

About The Author

Author Photo Scott Cole

Scott Cole is a writer, artist, and graphic designer living in Philadelphia.

He likes old radio dramas, old horror comics, weird movies, cold weather, coffee, and a few other things too.

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Scary books make everything so much better! I've been reading them since I was a wee, weird little thing and grew up with a steady diet of King, Koontz, Barker, and Brite and will read and watch just about anything with a hint of darkness.


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