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July 2019 New Horror Releases #4

Friday is here and so is our brand new list of newly released and upcoming releases in horror!

If you are an author with a 2019 upcoming horror release that you’d like us to feature in these posts, please leave your book link in the comments! Reader additions are always welcome too. We want to include all the new horror. Also, please note publishing dates change constantly so please kindly note any changes in the comments.

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In many ways, a novella is the perfect length for a tale of horror. Enough room for story and character development, yet short enough to get straight to the bloody point! This book from Bram Stoker Award-nominee Jeff Strand contains five of his macabre tales, collected together for the first time. You’ll find nerve-wracking suspense, insane humor, a cute dog, and plenty of weirdness, especially in the last one. 

STALKING YOU NOW – The reprehensible man in the restaurant doesn’t know that somebody at another table is watching him. Somebody filled with hatred. Somebody waiting for him to be alone. Somebody with duct tape and a gun. It’s a night for vengeance. And a hell of a lot more.

AN APOCALYPSE OF OUR OWN – Missy and Kevin are friends. Just friends. But now people are leaking blood from their eyeballs and turning into homicidal oozing mutants. Fortunately, Kevin has access to an underground shelter, but now they’re trapped down there. Can the Friend Zone survive the end of the world?

FAINT OF HEART – Rebecca’s husband doesn’t return from his weekend camping trip. And when somebody shows up at the house, it’s not him. At gunpoint, Rebecca learns what has happened. Two men have kidnapped Gary. He went through a weekend of pure hell. They’ll give him back to her, but first, Rebecca has to relive his entire experience, step by horrific step…and survive…

KUTTER – Charlie Stanlon is a serial killer. A ghastly, vicious sociopath who chains women to a table in his basement and tortures them to death. He has no friends. He has no family. He despises his co-workers. His only pleasure in life is to cause pain and terror. Until the day he finds an adorable Boston Terrier and takes it home…

FACIAL – Greg has just killed the man he hired to kill one of his wife’s many lovers. He’s now got a dead body in his office. Carlton, Greg’s brother, desperately needs a dead body. It’s kind of related to the lion corpse that he found in his basement. This is the normal part of the story…

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Rosie's Ledger by Daniel Eaves Book Cover

ROSIE’S LEDGER by Daniel Eaves

A folktale mystery. 
A parable of neglect. 
A descent into horror. 
An isolated twelve-year-old confides in no one except her diary, until one day the diary writes back. As the pages’ suggestions spill violently out into the real world, Rosie Marsden must discover who—or what—is making the entries. And to what dangerous end.

The arresting second novel by Daniel Eaves blends earthy, well-written drama with supernatural horror and suspense to create a story many have described as “deeply satisfying” and “un-put-down-able.” Set in England in the late 80’s, our story follows Rosie Marsden, a bullied twelve-year-old from a broken family. Touching on issues of childhood neglect and mental illness, the underlying themes give a human voice to those who grow up in difficult circumstances, while the pacy plot provides us with a fulfilling mystery thriller, complete with disturbing supernatural elements.

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Scheduled to Release July 20, 2019

A SEA OF MONSTERS & Other Tales, DM Wolfenden

An A to Z of Horror from the author we know to be a little dark, with a lot of heart. 
This collection of Novelettes, short stories, flash fiction and poetry will tempt the darkest of souls.

Some of the stories you will find inside: 
Bernie & the Beast – TwoFromTx said: When weird, creepy dreams seem to come true!
Carly – Ray Hecht said: Excellent thriller short story told in interview form, great writing.
Joanna – On Top Down Under Reviews/Dark Hints Reviews said: Excellent Horror Short.
When Darkness Falls – Anari said: The Perfect Halloween Read!
Plus, many more for your enjoyment. 

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MR. STOKER & I, Becky Wright

My name is Miss Lucinda Meredith.
Please, come sit with me a while, let me tell you my story.

It was the Summer of 1890.
Theatre manager and writer, Mr Bram Stoker, arrived here in Whitby after an arduous theatre tour of Scotland. It was to be a welcome respite before his return to London. What he discovered was far more intriguing.

We met at dawn on the East Cliff, in the shadow of Whitby Abbey, on a bench overlooking the sea. So at ease in his company, I felt compelled to share the events that had haunted my existence.

And after all these years, I wonder, could our chance encounter have inspired what would become, Bram Stoker’s legacy?

“Death finds us all, it is our finality. I had ached for death for so long, to rid me of the misery, torment – plague. Yet, when it came, my end only signified a beginning. The creation of something new.”

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Scheduled to Release July 22, 2019


Savannah, Georgia is one of the most haunted places in the United States, a fact Jennifer Strange has become all too aware of since moving there to live with her sister after their father’s disappearance. Ghosts love her. They haunt her and everyone around her. Now they seem to want her to do something for them. Just what she’s not sure but she better figure it out before they force her to join them.

Cat’s amazing illustrations bring the ghosts and demons of her fictional world to eerie and beautiful life, harkening back to the style of SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. With the success of Madeleine Roux’s ASYLUM and Ransom Riggs’ MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN, it seems a perfect time to do an illustrated YA horror novel.

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INVISIBLE CHAINS, Michelle Renee Lane

Jacqueline is a young Creole slave in antebellum New Orleans.  An unusual stranger who has haunted her dreams since childhood comes to stay as a guest in her master’s house. Soon after his arrival, members of the household die mysteriously, and Jacqueline is suspected of murder.  Despite her fear of the stranger, Jacqueline befriends him and he helps her escape. While running from the slave catchers, they meet conjurers, a loup-garou, and a traveling circus of supernatural freaks.  She relies on ancestral magic to guide her and finds strength to conquer her fears on her journey.

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Scheduled to Release July 23, 2019

American Dreams by Kenneth Bromberg book cover

AMERICAN DREAMS by Kenneth Bromberg

In 1904 Czarist Russia, four-year-old Max witnesses the rape and murder of his mother by Russian soldiers. After the boy’s father extracts terrible revenge, father and son escape to New York, a teeming melting pot of immigrants. Max meets a young Polish girl, Sophie, who grows into a stunningly beautiful young woman. The two fall in love but their plans are shattered when Sophie is forced to marry a local crime boss and, once again, Max must watch as the most important person in his life is taken from him. Thus begins Max’s ruthless climb to dominance of the New York underworld and Sophie’s transformation from a submissive girl to a strong woman who will allow no man determine her fate. 

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They Kill by Tim Waggoner book cover

THE KILL by Tim Waggoner

What are you willing to do, what are you willing to become, to save someone you love? On the one-year anniversary of his death in a terrible car accident, Sierra Sowell’s brother Jeffrey is resurrected by a mysterious man known only as Corliss. Corliss also transforms several people in Sierra’s life into inhuman monsters: her alcoholic neighbor Grace, her possessive ex-boyfriend Stuart, a creepy older man named Randall, and a sexually repressed colleague named Mandy. Each of these people harbor grudges against Sierra, sparks of anger and resentment which Corliss fans into murderous flames. Grace become a booze-fueled witch, Stuart a deadly cyborg, Randall a smiley faced serial killer, and Mandy an insatiable succubus. To matter worse, Jeffrey is only partially alive. He’s a walking corpse possessing a devastating deathtouch. Sierra and Jeffrey’s boyfriend Marc work to discover the reason for her brother’s return to life while struggling to survive attacks by the monstrous quartet whose only desire it to see her dead. The monsters aren’t willing to share Sierra, however, and they battle to determine which will be the one to kill her, leaving a pile of corpses in their wake. After the monsters carve a bloody swath through town – and each other – Corliss gives Sierra a chance to make Jeffrey’s resurrection permanent: if she’s willing to make a dreadful bargain. Can she do what it will take to save her brother, no matter how much blood is shed along the way? Or will she allow him to return to the land of the dead and perhaps join him there?

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Castle of Sorrows by Jonathan Janz Book Cover

CASTLE OF SORROWS by Jonathan Janz

For nearly a century Castle Blackwood lay dormant on the Sorrows, a lonely island in the Pacific. Last summer, the evil that resided within its walls was awakened. Movie music composer Ben Shadeland was lucky to escape the island with his wife and young son, but he’ll soon realize that the terror is far from over. Because a godlike beast named Gabriel and the ghosts who live on the Sorrows are hungry for revenge. They will stop at nothing to bring Ben back to Castle Blackwood, and they will strike at those closest to him to fulfill their sinister plans. Accompanied by three federal officers, an L.A. detective, the newly-widowed owner of the island, a professor specializing in the occult, and a voluptuous psychic, Ben must return to the Sorrows in order to save someone he loves. Ben thought he knew what true horror was. But the new visitors have brought with them their own personal ghosts. And the beast of Castle Blackwood won’t be sated until it has feasted on the blood of Ben Shadeland and everyone dear to him.

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Tune in next week for another round of recent releases! In the meantime, please share what you’re reading in the comments below.


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