Late July & Early August New Horror Releases

Friday is here and so is our brand new list of newly released and upcoming releases in horror!

If you are an author with a 2019 upcoming horror release that you’d like us to feature in these posts, please leave your book link in the comments! Reader additions are always welcome too. We want to include all the new horror. Also, please note publishing dates change constantly so please kindly note any changes in the comments.


NOMAD, by Jamie Nash

A dark sci-fi thriller in the vein of Alien or John Carpenter’s The Thing…

She wakes up drowning, escapes from a watery canister into a deathtrap of fiery corridors and exploding machinery. 

Somehow, she’s in space. 

She can’t remember her name or why she’s here. 

Her mind is a mixed up Rubik’s cube of fuzzy memories. 

But she knows that spaceships don’t exist, and if they did ordinary girls like her don’t belong on them. 

And there’s something else. She’s not alone. 

Someone or something lurks in the shadows. 

And it wants her dead…

NOMAD is the tale of an ordinary 1980’s girl who wakes up in the middle of space opera. 

Jamie Nash, the writer of horror films like V/H/S/2, Lovely Molly, Exists and Altered brings this science fiction horror that’s part space opera slasher and part mind-bending mystery and part MTV-Generation (Stranger Things/Ready Player One) nostalgia-fest.

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Scheduled to Release July 26, 2019

SHALLOW WATERS VOL. 2: A Flash Fiction Anthology, edited by Joe Mynhardt

Shallow Waters—where nothing stays buried.

With 25 dark tales diving beneath the surface of life, death, and the pain between them.

Shallow Waters is the official monthly flash fiction challenge hosted by the award-winning Crystal Lake Publishing. Every month a new challenge is posted online, with authors submitting via email. The best submissions are then posted on Crystal Lake’s Patreon page, where patrons read daily entries and vote for the winner. What you’ll find in these Shallow Waters anthologies include the most popular of our finalists.

Stay tuned for more volumes in this series, or find Crystal Lake Publishing on Patreon to enter or vote on future challenges.

Volume two includes horror, thrillers, suspense, and stories of life after death, the supernatural, murder, and the beauty beneath it all.

Introduction by Joe Mynhardt
“Night Swimming” by Michael O’Brien
“Hush Little Baby” by Matt Shaw
“The Vessel” by Mark Allan Gunnells
“The Southland” by Pedro Iniguez
“Biter of Dust” by Austin James (winner)
“Gently Used” by Jonah Buck
“Ollie Visits Grandma” by Mark Cassell
“The Water Tower Ghost” by Darryl Foster
“Standing Tall” by Kenneth W. Cain
“The Only Thing That Remains” by Jess Landry
“(Almost) Joined at The Hip” by Dan Weatherer
“Remy and the Elephant” by Linsey Knerl
“She Fluttered” by Andrew Garvey
“Just A Cup of Coffee” by Theresa Derwin
“Malignant” by Steve Thompson & Kenneth W. Cain
“Welcome to the Future” by Diana Grove
“Makes Three” by Michael Harris Cohen & Mark Allan Gunnells (winner)
“A Tea Party for the Dead” by Dani Brown & David Charlesworth
“A Game of Hide and Seek” by Joe X Young
“The Allotment” by Theresa Derwin
“Hourglass” by Chad Lutzke & John Boden
“The End of the War” by Joseph Mulak
“Long Distance Cull” by Tony Logan & Red Lagoe
“To Stop Further Slaughter” by Raymond Gates
“Baited” by Chad A. Clark
“Curtain Call” by Raven Dane (winner)

Proudly brought to you by Crystal Lake Publishing–Tales from the Darkest Depths.

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Scheduled to Release July 26, 2019

DON’T OPEN THE DOOR: A Horror Anthology, Edited by Cory Mason

A reality TV housewife finds that truth is often more disturbing than fiction. A college field trip devolves into something stomach-turning. A lonely boy finds something strange in the woods near his house.

These and even more wait for you behind the door. Step inside and discover ten of your new favorite authors of the weird and terrifying, serving you chilling stories that reveal how everything familiar and safe can hide something sinister just beneath the surface. Each of these stories will make you look twice at the places and things you take for granted every day.

If you want to feel safe, if you want to sleep soundly in your own bed tonight, then you only need to do one thing.

Don’t open the door.

The authors of Don’t Open the Door wish to help make positive change in the world, so the profits from every copy of this book will be donated to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, in the hopes that it will help at least one person who is struggling.

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BLACKWOOD (Gotheim #1), by Clyde Davis

The Wars of Religion are over. The holy line of the emperors is extinguished and the heir to the Silver Throne is lost. The Old Ways are beginning to fade from the world and its people have been hunted to the brink of annihilation. At the heart of the city Gotheim, the great fortress tower, known only as the Citadel, stands as the last bastion of order in the darkening world. The impregnable tower is as a symbol of hope. It is as a symbol of fear. 

A delicate peace resides over the realm, but under the far reaching shadow of the Citadel, dark rumours are abound. Tales of monsters and black magic spread through the hinterlands like wildfire, and those within the city walls feel a growing darkness spread its wings. The world seems to be on the edge of breaking. Some believe the world will move on. Others believe the dark power of the ancient fae will rise again. For those who serve the Citadel, the war continues. The hunt has not yet ended. 

Under the ancient edict of Fae’lar Essenta Per’culum, Marcus Blackwood, an inquisitor of the Citadel, travels to the hinterland village of Westgrave to investigate the peculiar case of Mary Shaw, a girl taken by a strange illness. Following the reports of his apprentice, Blackwood begins to unravel the mysteries that surround Mary Shaw, only to discover other villages have been struck with the same cursed illness, yet the daughters of those settlements have simply vanished. And what of the tales of the woman in the woods and the unnatural gloom that lingers over Westgrave? 

Dark rumours come to evil fruition as Blackwood’s investigation leads him to uncover a threat that may reach beyond the simple village of Westgrave. He’ll face a long-forgotten evil that not even he may be able to stop. The fate of Mary Shaw lies in jeopardy and Blackwood’s duty to the Citadel may force him to sacrifice more than he is willing to part with.

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Scheduled to Release July 29, 2019

TO BE DEVOURED, by Sara Tantlinger

What does carrion taste like? Andi has to know. The vultures circling outside her home taunt and invite her to come understand the secrets hiding in their banquet of decay. Fascination morphs into an obsessive need to know what the vultures know. Andi turns to Dr. Fawning, but even the therapist cannot help her comprehend the secrets she’s buried beneath anger-induced blackouts.
Her girlfriend, Luna, tries to help Andi battle her inner darkness and infatuation with the vultures. However, the desire to taste dead flesh, to stitch together wings of her own and become one with the flock sends Andi down a twisted, unforgivable path. Once she understands the secrets the vultures conceal, she must decide between abandoning the birds of prey or risk turning her loved ones into nothing more than meals to be devoured.

“Sara Tantlinger’s To Be Devoured capitalizes on our macabre preoccupation with the uglier side of nature, with love that topples into obsession, and with madness that is strangely beautiful in its barbarity. Her writing is equivalent to those unremitting avian beings her protagonist is so enamored of: It will hook its talons through your flesh, sink its neck into the ribboned edges of your wounds, and only relinquish your blighted body when it has swallowed your very soul.” 
—Christa Carmen, author of Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked, winner of the Indie Horror Book Awards for Best Debut Collection

“Vultures, obsession, and an unnatural hunger: What more can you want in a horror story? With To Be Devoured, Sara Tantlinger has done it again as she ratchets up the terror in wonderfully surprising ways while crafting prose that’s always a heady blend of the vicious and the vibrant. A book that’s absolutely not to be missed!” 
—Gwendolyn Kiste, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Rust Maidens

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Scheduled to Release July 30, 2019

THE EDGE: A Relics Novel, by Tim Lebbon

A diseased town–long hidden beneath a lake–rises from the depths to become a focus of the war between humankind and the Kin.

There exists a secret and highly illegal trade in mythological creatures and their artifacts. Certain individuals pay fortunes for a sliver of a satyr’s hoof, a gryphon’s claw, a basilisk’s scale, or an angel’s wing. Embroiled in the hidden world of the Relics, creatures known as the Kin, Angela Gough is now on the run in the United States. 

Forty years ago the town of Longford was the site of a deadly disease outbreak that wiped out the entire population. The infection was contained, the town isolated, and the valley in which it sits flooded and turned into a reservoir. The truth–that the outbreak was intentional, and not every resident of Longford died–disappeared beneath the waves.

Now the town is revealed again. The Kin have an interest in the ruins, and soon the fairy Grace and the Nephilim leader Mallian are also drawn to them. The infection has risen from beneath silent waters, and this forgotten town becomes the focus of the looming battle between humankind and the Kin.

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Scheduled to Release August 6, 2019


The Blair Witch Project meets Imaginary Girls in this story of sisterhood turned toxic, imaginary monsters brought to life, and secrets that won’t stay buried. 

Sixteen-year-old Skye is done playing the knight in shining armor for her insufferable younger sister, Deirdre. And moving across the country seems like the perfect chance to start over as someone different. 

In their isolated new neighborhood, Skye manages to fit in, but Deirdre withdraws from everyone, becoming fixated on the swampy woods behind their house and building monstrous sculptures out of sticks and bones.

Then Deirdre disappears.

And when something awful comes scratching at Skye’s window in the middle of the night, claiming Skye’s the only one who can save Deirdre, Skye knows she will stop at nothing to bring her sister home.

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Tune in next week for another round of recent releases! In the meantime, please share what you’re reading in the comments below.


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