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THOMAS’S WANT (A Want & Decay Story), by Latashia Figueroa

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Thomas has haunting memories of his childhood: his obsessive, paranoid father and beautiful, loving mother. And he cannot forget the lovely face covered in blood, the lifeless body at the bottom of the stairs. All the love and beauty stolen from his life, forever.
Now, as an adult, Thomas struggles with relationships and is not sure if he is capable of love. Perhaps it is because he has tried hard not to become like his father. Until Thomas meets Deana, and all he can do is think of her, and only her. As their relationship grows,Thomas begins to understand his father and the disease that plagued him. The disease that took away Thomas’ mother, and nearly drove his father to madness. Thomas has inherited the disease of Want. A disease that has deadly side effects.

5 Stars.

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Horror After Dark Review

THOMAS’S WANT (A Want & Decay Story), by Latashia Figueroa, is the second of three installments in her Want & Decay trilogy. The first, IVY’S ENVY, had the distinction of being my first read from this author.

It was–to put it mildly–an amazing debut.

With THOMAS’S WANT, we have a completely new story focus, but with a “thread” that alert readers will pick up on, showing that these stories are a set. Yes, you can read one and not the other, as they are stand-alone books, but I love the fact that if you think of them “together”, it’s like peeling off the layers of an onion. Somehow, these themes run much deeper than what you’d see at “face value”. Together, they start you thinking about the depth of these stories on an entirely new level.

“. . . Feelings are temporary, they come and go. I am convinced that love is a living thing.” 

When we first meet Thomas–despite his tragic backstory–I didn’t feel very sympathetic towards him. The fact that the author was able to change him so dramatically in my eyes–through psychological means and other–is a true testament to her abilities. She has shaped this character, and made me see exactly what she wanted–WHEN she wanted it.

“. . . It’s a disease that fuels insecurities and robs us of quiet content . . . It causes our souls to cry out for something that seems unattainable . . . “ 

Through the eyes of our main character, we learn that his father–in Thomas’s mind–suffered from a disease called “WANT”.

“. . . there is no such thing as loving someone too much . . . “ 

Of course, even the most jaded can fall at some point.

I am in absolute awe of the complexity of Thomas’s character. We are shown one side, and slowly realize how much MORE there is to him. This wan’t accomplished by a random info dump, but rather craftily executed to make the readers feel along with him.

“. . . love is a double-edged sword, and no one likes to talk about that other side . . . “ 

The action and pacing are flawless in the way they are calculated to bring out the changes our character goes through. I could feel at times that I was in Thomas’s mind–experiencing his anxiety, confusion, and thoughts first hand.

Overall, an extremely gripping tale about the problems with “Want”. There were several unexpected turns that came as a complete surprise to me, as I was so caught up in Thomas’s viewpoint the entire time. I couldn’t go into spoiler territory if I wanted to, as this book was crafted so well that subsequent events only register as they are presented in the context of the story.

” . . . Love. Want. In the end the consequences are the same.” 

**Note: I originally rated this book 4.5 stars, but after several days had passed and I was still thinking about Thomas and the revelations in this story, I changed my review to a full 5 stars. A book with “staying power” like this deserves the credit it’s due. **

I am eagerly awaiting the final book in this trilogy.

Highly recommended.

About The Author

Latashia gives two good reasons for her love of horror: her childhood home was believed to be haunted and Stephen King often told her bedtime stories. Pet Sematary was the first.

Her stories have been described as psychological thrillers with a dash of horror.

Latashia attends writing classes often. She lives on the east coast with her very supportive husband.


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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