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{Review} WALK THE DARKNESS DOWN, by John Boden

Published by Crossroad Press Genres: Apocalyptic, Bizarro, Crime/Serial Killer, Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Horror Western, Occult & Supernatural, Paranormal, Psychological Horror, Supernatural, Suspense, Western
Format: Paperback

Some things are older than time. Older than darkness.

-Levi is a monstrous man—made of scars and scary as hell, he’s glutted on ghosts and evolving to carry out the dark wishes of the ancient whispers in his head. He’s building a door and what’s on the other side is terrifying.

-Jones spent a lot of time living bottle to bottle and trying to erase things. Now he’s looking for the man who killed his mother and maybe a little bit of looking or himself as well.

-Keaton is on the run from accusations as well as himself, he suffers alone until he meets Jubal, an orphaned boy with his little sisters in a sling.

-Every line is not a straight line and everything must converge. A parable writ in dust and blood on warped barn wood. A journey in the classic sense, populated with dried husks of towns…and people both odd and anything but ordinary. Hornets, reverse-werewolves and one of the most vicious villains you’ll ever know are all part of it.

Pull on your boots and saddle up, we’ll Walk The Darkness Down.

5 stars.

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Horror After Dark Review

WALK THE DARKNESS DOWN, is a horror/western blended novel by author John Boden. Previous to this, I had only read one other novella that he co-wrote, OUT BEHIND THE BARN, which I felt was outstanding. In this story, Boden veers off and incorporates several sub-genres of horror, which created a wonderful, “otherworld” feeling. This was so rich in both characterization and ever-changing atmosphere that I read it in nearly one sitting.

“Grief is a hungry fuel. And it will devour anything to keep burning . . .” 

Our main characters are Levi, Jones, Keaton, a young boy named Jubal, and his . . . infant sisters . . . The story is told from various points of view, which give a full “understanding” of where each character is coming from . . . and going towards.

“. . . what makes for an escape for one thing, can become an entrance for another . . . “

This story is nearly impossible for me to explain, as it meanders into so many different emotional and physical locations. However, when reading it, these changes are what makes this tale so mesmerizing. The situations and backgrounds presented couldn’t be more different, and yet Boden brings them together with perfect precision.

” . . . Monsters are different things to different people . . . “

All of the lines are destined to eventually converge, but the journey itself is where the magic lies. Boden’s use of language and overall writing style is incredible to behold. This is talent. When an author can take you to places and scenes never before imagined, and leave you feeling as if you were actually there, you have a story that will linger in your memory for some time.

“. . . what you want and what you need is nary the same thing.” 

Overall, my first book written by John Boden alone, leaves me wanting to pick up more by him, immediately. This is an author who deserves recognition. His unique style makes an impression that–even a voracious reader–will not soon forget. The emotions and thoughts of the characters are buzzing in my mind as if I had felt them all, personally. The pictures he paints don’t fade away after a few scenes, but rather stay there, to be easily recalled later.

If you haven’t checked out this author yet, I highly recommend picking up anything that he’s written.

About The Author


John Boden lives a stones throw from Three Mile Island with his wonderful wife and sons. 

A baker by day, he spends his off time writing, working on Shock Totem or watching M*A*S*H re-runs.  

He likes Diet Pepsi, cheeseburgers, heavy metal and sports ferocious sideburns. 

While his output as a writer is fairly sporadic, it has a bit of a reputation for being unique.


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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