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{Review} CLOWNFLESH, by Tim Curran

Published by Bloodshot Books Format: Hardcover

Craw Falls, South Dakota has become a cage. The mother of all blizzards has locked it down. The roads are impassable. Nobody gets in. Nobody gets out.

With the freezing winds and blowing snow has come an apex race of predators. They hide in the shadows. They crawl from the drifts. They use the storm as camouflage to hunt their human prey.

By morning, the town will be a morgue. Unless one small group of survivors can destroy the monsters in their midst. Horrors beyond imagining.

4 Stars.

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Horror After Dark Review

CLOWNFLESH, by Tim Curran is one of those horror novels that I simply love to sink my teeth into. This book starts out with a bang from the first page, and never lets up for long. Even in those brief intervals where “physical action” isn’t nonstop, you find yourself on edge waiting for–anything–to suddenly ambush you.

In other words, this was pure fun–if your tastes are as horrific as mine.

“. . . All kinds of things in the world . . . that people never see. But it don’t mean they don’t exist.” 

First of all, clowns are nightmare inducing as it is. Where you factor in the “unknown” element that Curran takes these to, add in a limitless body count with the gore, blood, and mutilations to go with it, you have something truly unique.

Tim Curran is a master at “unique” plotlines.

“. . . When you added in the human factor, things got messy.” 

While the action takes center stage here, you still have a group of characters that you get to know well enough to care about–whether you love them or hate them. What really captures the imagination though is the unpredictability of everything. No matter what you think is coming, there is no formula for this!

“. . . It’s something from hell and if it gets loose, you’ve got a life expectancy of about thirty seconds.” 

I’ve read many novels, novellas, and short stories by this author in the past, and can’t think of any that weren’t well above average. Curran knows his skill, and his imagination is limitless. I believe if you gave him a title as mundane as “The Grass Grows”, he’d be able to whip up something that astounds you.

“. . . Reality, as such, has completely broken down.” 

Another great novel from a master of horror.


About The Author

About Tim Curran

Tim Curran lives in Michigan and is the author of the novels Skin Medicine, Hive, Dead Sea, and Skull Moon. Upcoming projects include the novels Resurrection, The Devil Next Door, and Hive 2, as well as The Corpse King, a novella from Cemetery Dance, and Four Rode Out, a collection of four weird-western novellas by Curran, Tim Lebbon, Brian Keene, and Steve Vernon. His short stories have appeared in such magazines as City Slab, Flesh&Blood, Book of Dark Wisdom, and Inhuman, as well as anthologies such as Flesh Feast, Shivers IV, High Seas Cthulhu, and, Vile Things. Find him on the web at:


I am an avid reader/reviewer and collector of books--primarily horror, supernatural, and supernatural-themed thrillers.

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