{Guest Post} Writing to Music by Mark Matthews
Writing to Music: The Sounds of MILK-BLOOD Music has played a huge role in the evolution of horror. Soundtracks make watching a movie such as Halloween or Phantasm a full body experience.  Darkness has a tone all its own. But the sounds of darkness are present in fiction as... Read more
Summer of Zombie Guest – Jaime Johnesee
Why Bob? Why Not? When I sat down to write Bob I was looking to expand on a character I had written into an earlier novel. He was the outline of a friend of mine named Nate and I fleshed him out by adding my own life experiences, and... Read more
The Three D’s of Horror by Edward Lorn {Guest Post}
by Edward Lorn Also by this author: , , All good horror is comprised of at least one of the following: Dread, Disgust, Death. Sometimes all three are used in a single effort, while other times only one is needed. Despite all the hate The Blair Witch Project receives... Read more
Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON: Chris Tucker (and no, not the black one)
Summer of Zombie 2014 SPOTLIGHT ON: Chris Tucker (and no, not the black one)   What is your latest zombie release? One Shot One Kill and Sanity’s Edge. They are part of the 5280 Diaries series.   Quick description of it (no spoilers) The 5280 Diaries series follows the... Read more
{Guest Post} On Writing: Choosing  the Apocalypse by Nicholas Smith
by Nicholas Sansbury Smith A few days ago I wrote a blog post about why I think Americans are obsessed with the apocalypse (link here). But I never explained why I am—and I never explained why I choose to write in this genre.   I’ll start with the “ever... Read more