{Review} THE MONTAUK MONSTER, by Hunter Shea
THE MONTAUK MONSTER by Hunter Shea Also by this author: , , , Published by Pinnacle Books on June...
BROKEN SHELLS by Michael Patrick Hicks Also by this author: BROKEN SHELLS Published by High Fever Books on February...
{Review} SPLATTERPUNK FIGHTING BACK, edited by Jack Bantry and Kit Power
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content,...
by Mark Cassell Also by this author: Buy on Amazon Promo Props and Wounds Some people are good for DIY projects, others not so much. They’ve always been my friend, however, and this proved no different when it came to making a prop for the Shadow Fabric mythos. Indeed,... Read more
by Stuart R. Brogan Also by this author: JACKALS The Final Twist by Stuart R Brogan As any ardent, and hard-core fan of a good horror, or thriller novel knows, it’s not only about the sensation of dread portrayed by the author, or the claustrophobic gnawing eating away at... Read more
Paul’s Top 10 Reads of 2015
by Adam Light, Brett J Talley, Brian Hodge, Edward Lorn, Evans Light, Glenn Rolfe, Gregor Xane, Jason Parent, Jonathan Janz, Kealan Patrick Burke, Ray Wallace, Ronald Malfi, Shane McKenzie, Tim Lebbon Also by this author: Bad Apples, That Which Should Not Be, , , , , I'LL BRING YOU... Read more
Paul’s Top 10 Horror Reads of 2014
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Happy Halloween from Horror After Dark!
You taste like candy. Yum! Take a moment and watch an 80’s werewolf’s transformation. Be safe~ Read more