{Review} HELLSWORLD HOTEL,  by Matthew Vaughn
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content,...
{Review} BONE SAW, by Patrick Lacey
BONE SAW by Patrick Lacey Also by this author: DREAM WOODS, , WE CAME BACK, Published by Perpetual Motion...
{Review} X’S FOR EYES, by Laird Barron
X'S FOR EYES by Laird Barron Also by this author: , Published by JournalStone on December 11, 2015 Genres:...
Muerte Con Carne by Shane McKenzie
Review by Kais Blurb: The no-man’s land on the United States/Mexico border is the perfect place for getting away with any crime. With the right connections and with the right amount of money you can run drugs, smuggle people, commit murder, and do much worse. Felix and Marta came... Read more
Review- Nests by Barry Napier
Nests by Barry Napier Blurb: The monsters came out of nowhere. Even before we starting dropping nuclear warheads on them, we didn’t know where they came from. We just knew that they were huge. Most of the population perished as a result of the monsters, the bombs, or the... Read more
Review – The Sound of Midnight by Charles L. Grant
Review by Recluse There are fictional towns that are synonymous with horror. Arkham. Innsmouth. ‘Salem’s Lot. And then there is Oxrun Station. Horror doesn’t just happen here. This is where horror lives. From the quiet fear that caresses the back of one’s neck, to the stark raving terror that... Read more
Hive by Tim Curran
    Hive by Tim Curran Blurb: Jimmy Hayes had a bad feeling the moment he arrived at Kharkhov Station, and it had nothing to do with the cold, the snow, and the four solid months of darkness at the South Pole. But when mummies were discovered in the mountains,... Read more