{Review} HELLSWORLD HOTEL,  by Matthew Vaughn
This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content,...
{Review} BONE SAW, by Patrick Lacey
BONE SAW by Patrick Lacey Also by this author: DREAM WOODS, , WE CAME BACK, Published by Perpetual Motion...
{Review} X’S FOR EYES, by Laird Barron
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{Review} of Through A Broken Window by L.F. Falconer
by L. F. Falconer Published by Outskirts Press on 3.10.14 Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror, Thriller Pages: 119 Format: eBook Buy on Amazon Goodreads This was a collection of “10 Dark Tales of the Strange and Deranged”. When I saw this was up for review here at HAD,  I... Read more
Reaping The Dark by Gary McMahon
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{Review} Innocence by Dean Koontz
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{Review} All The Devils by Harry Shannon & Steven W Booth
by Harry Shannon, Steven W Booth Also by this author: , , Published by Genius Book Publishing Genres: Thriller The following is based on an eARC generously provided by the authors to Horror After Dark in an exchange for an honest review of the novel. As unfair as the... Read more
Witch Island by David Bernstein
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