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    The Tragedy Man by Staci Layne Wilson Review

    When his boss was murdered, Cary Bouchard’s life began.  For years, timid Cary toiled away in a cold cubicle. He had dreams, but not the courage to pursue them. That is, until he lost his job and found his fortune in a most unexpected way.  Nothing could have prepared Cary for how his life changes: love, money, and fame come to him all too easily. Soon he’s on TV, signing autographs for legions of fans, in love with a beautiful woman, and buying a Manhattan penthouse. Cary’s newfound confidence and cachet elevates him higher and higher.  But what goes up, must come down. Someone is out for blood. When unspeakable…

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    Guest Review: Seduced by the Symbiote by Ashley Knott

    Today we have a bit of fun to liven up the place because as much as we love darkness here at HAD, one needs to lighten things up every now and again. And who better than Lilyn from Sci-fi and Scary to give us a dose of sarcasm and humor? Today she shares a little monsterporn. We hope you enjoy her review and if you feel inspired please feel free to submit your own! Synopsis Seduced by the Symbiote is a science fiction horror story of a tentacle alien monster and a fertile female!  Arianny is the captain of a deep space salvage vessel. She’s lonely, down on her luck…