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    {Review} SLEEP IN THE DUST OF THE EARTH by Anthony Hains

    Sometimes they come back angry … Ace’s life is satisfying in an ordinary sort of way. At twenty-five he’s deeply in love with his wife of two years, and he and Runa are expecting their first child. But when Ace’s mother-in-law passes away after a short illness, things take a turn for the weird. Everyone in the family knows that Gretchen dabbled in the occult prior to her death, inviting friends over for occasional tarot card readings and séances. What most of them don’t know is that she spent a considerable amount of time training her grandchildren in the art of the uncanny. Now Brinn and Oliver appear to be…

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    Review of Birth Offering by Anthony Hains

      A coming of age story involving dark family secrets and supernatural evil that deftly avoids the expected cliches. The characters are fully fleshed and emotionally engaging, although the book would be a little more appropriate for a teen reader looking for a real horror novel. An author to watch.