• Book Cover: Siphon by A.A. Medina
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    Guest Review: Siphon by A.A. Medina

    Today we welcome Lesley-Ann from Housewife of Horror with a guest review of A.A. Medina’s SIPHON. Thanks for sharing with us, Lesley-Ann! Synopsis THERE IS AN URGE INSIDE YOU… Dr. Gary Phillips, the resident hematopathologist at Claybrook Medical Center, is a lonely man struggling with the duress of an all work and no play lifestyle.  Burdened with an unhealthy infatuation with his co-worker, a burning disdain for his boss, and an abusive relationship with his grandfather, Gary just can’t catch a break. That is, until a workplace accident ushers in a bizarre, but empowering experience that evokes a new sense of self, forcing repressed memories to surface while encouraging him…

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    by Stephen Gregory Published by Valancourt Books on 1.1.15 Genres: Dark Fiction, Fiction, Horror Pages: 240 Format: eBook Buy on Amazon Goodreads I just finished this literary gem and I don’t even know what to think! This nasty little ball of maggots, flies and mushrooms is still bouncing around inside my head. ┬áLet me introduce you to the stinkhorn mushroom. (This is the tamest picture I could find.) Now this may make you chuckle, it certainly made me. But laughter is where it all started; a woman laughed at Andrew Pinkney, and why? Because his manhood could not, would not, resemble this mushroom. Things didn’t turn out so well with…