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January 6, 2014 0

We have received a high amount of submissions for review. We are working our way through your stories, but things like interest and time play a factor. We may read a newer submission before an older one, or vice-versa, due to our reviewer’s taste and mood. As you know,... Read more
Author Interview – Tim McGregor
Tim McGregor is a screenwriter and author, living in Toronto with his wife and children. When not writing, Tim can be found chasing away the nocturnal recycling people who creep into his yard.   Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Briefly; husband, father, blue collar schmuck,... Read more
I’d like to thank these authors for truly keeping me entertained. I wish them much success in the coming year.  In no particular order> Honorable mention: Puppet Graveyard (Delirium Novella Series) by Tim Curran Haunted by Tamara Thorne Graveyard Blues (Night Blues) by Reina Salt  Life After Dane by... Read more
Author Interview – Mercedes M. Yardley
Mercedes M. Yardley is a dark fantasist who wears stilettos and red lipstick. She is the author of the short story collection Beautiful Sorrows, the novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love and her debut novel Nameless. Her website is www.mercedesyardley.com.  Welcome to Ravenous Reads, Mercedes. Care to tell us a little... Read more
Author Interview – John Everson
John Everson is a staunch advocate for the culinary joys of the jalapeno and an unabashed fan of 1970s European horror cinema. He is also the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of seven novels, including the erotic horror tour de force of NightWhere and the occult / urban legend mystery of The Pumpkin... Read more