{Review} Jade Sky by Patrick Freivald
by Patrick Freivald Published by JournalStone Genres: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Urban Fantasy The following is based on an ecopy of the book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Opening in the midst of a significant firefight and rarely letting up the pace for more than a... Read more
{Review} Skin Game by Jim Butcher
Published by Roc Genres: Urban Fantasy Pages: 485 Format: Hardcover Buy on Amazon I look forward to the Dresden Files. One of the few books I pre-order these days. I’ll start off by saying that I threw a tantrum when I found out that he would be with MAB.... Read more
{Review} Days Gone Bad (Vesik, #1)  by Eric R. Asher
Genres: Urban Fantasy Format: eBook Buy on Amazon I’m just going to jump right in. The plot was weaker than a newborn baby’s┬áneck. The story had no forward moving plot points to get the story going. At 30% we finally get moving. Oh, so, slowly. The main character, Damian,... Read more
{Review} The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig
Published by Angry Robot Genres: Urban Fantasy Format: eBook Buy on Amazon Goodreads I liked it, but it wore me so. Too many folks messing up the show. The story was dark, the story was grim, but I like this author, you should try him. The writing was solid.... Read more
Blurb: Man no longer worships the old gods; forgotten and forsaken, they have become nothing more than myth and legend. But all that is about to change. After the ruins of a vast, ancient civilization are discovered on the ocean floor, Coast Guard officers find a series of derelict... Read more